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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My shoes smell like beer

The Hangar 24 3rd Anniversary is in the books. I have to say if you told me that someone was going to have a party in a dirt field , serve cold beer , charge no cover and play free music and nobody got stabbed I would say this event must have taken place in 1960 Mayberry North Carolina.

The Hangar anniversary was a wicked good time and Team Redlands finest were there to keep the good times flowing. My shift was the 11-3 shift. I returned to my vehicle around 7:30 pm. After my afternoon break was over ( 3 Johnny tacos , 2 pieces of Gourmet pizza and some pulled pork from Mill creek) We all pitched in a poured the last drops of Orange wheat in the 909. After the mayor of Mentone took his last drink we unscrewed the taps for the night.

Our team went " sideways " on the orange bucket that collected the spillage of all the collective beers. It was no 28th place finish at the Ontario criterium but to me it was the finest moment Team Redlands has had this year.

Cheers to Ben Cook again for inventing Orange Wheat beer. otherwise I might be riding for a Team called Chico's bail bonds.

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