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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cycling and the Economy

The economic crisis that has seen many families cutting back. has now found its way to Team Redlands.

Team photos were one of the areas that had to be cut. All team members were promised a trip to the Sears photography studio. These pictures would have allowed the many team groupies a chance to see their favorite rider without a helmet.

This news was especially disappointing to the women of who had been waiting patiently for pictures of JT. Some of them up to 10 years.

Above is a picture of unknown Citrus Valley rider in his Team photo. This photo appears to have been taken at Magic Mountain during one of there team building weekends. Maybe next year State farm will hook us up Citrus Valley style.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Power Rankings

Team Redlands Power Rankings

The Team Redlands power rankings are in.

Much like the professional Golf tour, within Team Redlands we also have rankings. In the world of high end club team cycling these rankings are crucial to how you are looked at by people in town, your kids and society as a whole.

The rankings are based on each rider’s collective finish on the various rides and races for the last month.

In addition to race results, power ranking points are given based on Tuesday night finishes; Rain cross efforts, crit practice most aggressive rider.

Points are also awarded to a rider based on unknown criteria. This criteria takes into account things like if you have kids, work at home. Have socks that really look good with the kit. Can drink 100 different Belgium beers, etc.

The May power Rankings are not listed in any particular order. Simply the top ten riders on the team. Next month they will be ranked from 1 thru 10, this will give you a month to get serious or buy some new socks.

May Power Rankings:

Norman Carter
Matthew Freeman
Scott Manning
Scott Miller
Craig Turner
Zach Thorp
Scott Cochran
Jeff Padgett
Tricia Fynewever

Monday, May 18, 2009

Membership has it's privileges

Team Redlands Members who maintain their membership in good standing and keep there membership card with them at all times receive many benefits not available to the general public.

For example:

A free auto insurance quote from State Farm

Pizza delivery from your local Domino's in selected areas of Redlands near the country club on the south side of the freeway.

A free cup of steaming hot coffee from Stell's all summer long.

A 10 minute shoulder message from a LLU graduate student.

A cursory review of your property line.

Additional membership privileges will be added as the season continues. rumours of free orthodontia are just rumours.