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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hawaii 50

Its been one month since my last post. That may be a record or a sign of things to come. On August 10th I turned 50. The party was limited to only 5 people who ride bikes and there Twinkies. The only instructions I gave were to have plenty of hookers and blow and under no circumstances did I want to look around the room and thank I was at a Bike classic meeting or a Team Redlands function.

If you ride a bike and didn't get one of the party lottery spots consider yourself lucky I vomited for 3 days and am now getting e-mails from a girl on meet an

The big 50 party has come and gone. I am now really freaking old and if you think I was bad in my 40's you ain't seen nothing yet. With the early onset of Dementia I fear this Blog will go the path of a senior waiting outside AAA for a map.

Now that I am 50 you may want to get some ear plugs on the Saturday ride. Because if the 50 year old guy with bad knees, hip, skin cancer and a failing liver chase after the up the hill option and you don't......

Thanks for all the well wishes now turn down that rock n roll and will somebody answer that damn phone for the love of god.