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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hand Signals

Team Redlands commitment to road safety continues this month with a review of the various hand signals and there meanings.

The above chart was obtained from "Joy of cycling" book written in the early 70's. Lucky for us many of the hand signals have gone virtually unchanged and still provide an aide to the rider's intentions.

Warning using the above hand signals while traveling through Loma Linda may have unforeseen consequences.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Amgen coming to Big Bear Lake !

2010 Amgen Tour of California include:

Stage 1: Sunday, May 16 – Nevada City to Sacramento
Stage 2: Monday, May 17 – Davis to Santa Rosa
Stage 3: Tuesday, May 18 – San Francisco to Santa Cruz
Stage 4: Wednesday, May 19 – San Jose to Modesto
Stage 5: Thursday, May 20 – Visalia to Bakersfield
Stage 6: Friday, May 21 – Pasadena to Big Bear Lake
Stage 7: Saturday, May 22 – Los Angeles (individual time trial)
Stage 8: Sunday, May 23 – Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village/Agoura Hills

Sunday, October 18, 2009

They give ribbons for 8th place ?

The ride on Saturday consisted of three groups of people.

1. People who knew exactly where we were going.

2. People who knew exactly where we were going so they split off and went there own way.

3. People who had no idea where we were going and wished they went with option # 2.

For those people who fell into group # 3 congratulations. You survived the 909 equivalent to a canoe trip as depicted in deliverance. Jack Rabbit trail never fails to deliver. I know your wives didn't believe you so please accept this trophy as a sign of appreciation and welcome to the team.

Next week we will hold our annual Snipe Hunt ride to Onyx summit. dress appropriately.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thank you Chuck Norris

Yet another sign that summer is over. I went to the closet to put on my jeans. Apparently I am not a 32 inch waist anymore.

Lucky for me I had just recieved the above advertisment in the mail. Martial arts have always been my first love. Now I can get new jeans and still have the freedom to give someone a round house to the head at Trader Joes.

Thank you Chuck Norris and come by the gym sometime. JT and I are getting huge.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monkey fucking a Coconut

The leaves are changing and the temps are dropping here in so cal. That can only mean one thing right. keep bashing your brains out on the Raincross ride.

Well, Thankfully that is not the case this winter. the powers to be have decided to do some base building civil rides that do not cover the same roads that we ride all summer long.

I missed building a base last winter I can tell you the year sucked royal pig ass all year long. Its quite frankly felt like someone was behind me drilling for oil.

In fact it seems like just yesterday that I was cleared by the Doctor to go out and ride. I remember it because it was a Friday afternoon that should have been a really fun easy spin before the big Saturday ride. That Friday ride was a dead sprint out of the driveway up a 14 degree climb. Try and imagine a Monkey fucking a coconut because that is exactly what that ride felt like.

Ever since that day I have been waiting for the season to start over. to put my quarter back in the machine. Not to pick up riding the sunset championships or the Crit practice from Hell. This little pony just wants to peacock around the 909 for an easy 60 with the boys.

So again I want to personally thank the genius that has decided to change the tempo with the seasons , because nobody wants to go on the Monkey fucking a coconut ride every time you step out the front door. If you don't believe me I will give you the secret location to the " MFAC" ride.

Friday, October 9, 2009

What's in your water bottle ?

Lance signs with Beer label. The 7 time tour de france winner continues to be an example of a guy who can drink a six pack and still make the Saturday ride.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, which is based in Belgium, said Armstrong is the perfect spokesman for Michelob Ultra, which targets health-minded active drinkers and cyclists.

Lance , who finished third in this year’s Tour de France, said he is not quick to jump on endorsements and tries to limit them because of demands on his time from racing, but the Michelob Ultra fit his lifestyle , he like to drink.

Next year maybe he will ride for Hangar 24.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Gran Fondo


Honey Hunter

Spent the weekend in Santa Rosa attending the first King Ridge Gran Fondo with Levi.

I rode with my Friend Brad. We did not read the brochure closely regarding the ride. apparently our preparation for this event of 3 rides may not have been enough. one day of base one day of hill climbing and one day of anaerobic threshold training.

If you are interested in obtaining Brads 3 day training plan simply send a SASE to:

Don't Try This at Home
P. O. Box 666
Redlands Ca. 92373

Brad has a life a wife a dog 2 kids and a lawn. he has attended a Tony Robbins time management clinic . The Team Redlands discount code for a personalized training plan is BRUNO.

As luck would have it 3 days was all we needed. We came upon a couple of bees.The bees provided a good draft. The bees set a pace we found manageable and I am happy to say we all shared a cold beverage together at the end. Honey not a good choice on a hot day. I will stick with beer.