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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can I borrow a comb ?

Today was the Team Redlands group photo day. The team rode to the various sponsor corporate headquarters around Redlands for team pictures. Hangar 24 brewery was the last stop for obvious reasons and for the record it was really close to 12:00 noon.

The group photo for cycling teams has been a source of humour for years. There is just no way to stand at attention in ye old spandex. Good thing it was a cold day and we had some shrinkage.

Most of the Palm Springs guys made the drive. They will always show up for a photo opportunity as we have learned. I like those guys better than our riders from let's say the Moreno Valley area.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Light the Taco !

I really hate to be the last one to the party. So here is a much needed recap of how the new Team Redlands rally cry was born.

Cycling Kit Timeline:

January 4 11:00 AM
New Kits are distributed to the rank and file of Team Redlands.

January 4 3:37 PM
Reports from the field start to trickle in regrading Bib shorts fit.

January 5 12:18 PM
While riding in the drops a TR rider notices the pad which is more located in the front seems to work better.

Later that day reports of riders pulling the shorts into a more Taco like position appear to assist in the fit.

January 7 4:30 PM
Team members start to think of the pad as an inverted Taco. The more you pull the Taco into the shell the better the performance.

January 8 10:05 AM
While riding the rain cross ride in an aggressive position someone is heard yelling Light the Taco !

January 13 (actual time unknown)
Castelli e-mail confirms the following fact " Orientation is consistent with bibs worn in pro peloton by Cervelo and Garmin.Pad is oriented more forward and meant to be optimally comfortable in aggressive riding position.

January 26 4:23 PM
light the Taco is adopted as the official rally cry of all Team Redlands riders.

Trucker hats and T-shirts will soon be available at all fine stores in the 909. All proceeds will go into a prize pool to be given away this summer. That's right The Tuesday night World championships just became Taco Tuesday !

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight

Team sponsorship is something we all take for granted. I am not kidding when I say I have used all of the sponsors in one way or another over the last month. I know what your thinking and no Hangar 24 is not the sponsor I use the most. But it is my favorite.

This month I am spotlighting one of our most loyal sponsors State Farm Insurance. I switched all of my coverage over a couple of years ago and I am glad I did. In addition to being a good guy to ride behind , Scott is the guy you want behind you for all your insurance needs.

I currently have my auto , home and umbrella insurance through Scott. If you have a car , own a home or need an umbrella and don't have Scott as your agent and you ride for Team Redlands then you need to switch. Cause you never know when your gonna end up face down on the wrong side of the Taco.

Call Scott for a quote today and he can run you a " what if " at (909)824-0130. Next month we will spotlight Mundell, Odlum & Haws attorneys at law. Kasey will explain the difference between liable and slander.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How come Redlands has no bike lanes ?

A January weekend with temps hitting the 80's can only mean one thing. Leave the bike on the wall and head north to Paso Robles.

Paso has some excellent wines. I have a list of must see wineries that is getting bigger every time I visit. Here are my current top five Paso wineries.


For a little extra excitement I headed a little north of Paso Robles to San Miguel to eat at the 10th Street Basque Cafe. An 8 course prix fix dinner for 29.95 , that is 8 courses of Basque food. I may have added 8 ounces to my already medium build with that one.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shirts and Skins

The new Team Redlands kit made it's debut on the Rain Cross ride last weekend. Due to the overwhelming attendance of Team Redlands riders , next week we will be evoking the shirts and skins rule.

All members with names A-K should wear the Bibs , L-Z just the Tops. We will alternate till summer is officially here.

PS: Chopper was right , you need to be riding in a technically aggressive position to engage the crotch padding of the new kit. It's refereed to as " lighting the Taco ".

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yep the lady's like the new kit !

I have to say I have worn a few kits in my day. That is not to say I am a "kit chaser" , its just that Team Redlands never seems to be able to keep the same look for more than 2 years.

Today marks day # 3 of the new kit. Here is a recap of how my life has changed in the 3 days I have worn the new kit:

1. I have been given three sets of phone numbers , an invite to a party and some underwear thrown at me from a moving vehicle.

2. My teeth just seem whiter.

3. I got big leagued on serpentine from a dude in a old pull thru kit...

4. I almost won the lottery playing the Lost numbers.

5. It has not rained.

6. Norm added me as a friend on Facebook.

7. Sharks now have a week for me.

8. I lost 3 pounds from my medium frame.

9. The bike shop valet parked my car.

10. A chick fight broke out at Hangar 24 over who could pour me a beer. Thanks Ben!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Has your subscription expired ?

The January issue of Italian CICLISMO came in the mail today. Just another publication that I subscribe to for the pictures.

That reminded me I sometimes ride a bike and on even more rare occasions race a bike. I renewed my USA cycling licence and then checked the rooster. Below is a list of the current TR members. Looks like some of you need to mow your neighbors lawn.

Team Redlands Active Members as of 7:23pm 1/5/2011:

David Burks 12/31/2011
Norman Carter 12/31/2011
Chopper Free lifetime membership
Van Geslani 12/31/2011
Joseph Gonzalez 12/31/2011
Andrea Hensler 12/31/2011
Steve Hensler 12/31/2011
Brian Hickok 12/31/2011
Chris Horner 12/31/2011
Kyle Jarboe 12/31/2011
Brady Kiss 12/31/2011
Artemio Martinez 12/31/2011
Richard Mitchell 12/31/2011
Scott Penington 12/31/2011
Robert Peppler 12/31/2011
Daniel Reid 12/31/2011
Evan Trubee 12/31/2011
Craig Turner 12/31/2011
Eric Vergon 12/31/2011
Scott Welsh 12/31/2011
Jason Wondolleck 12/31/2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's my next move ?

As 2011 begins I have to admit I am at a cross roads with the blog. A few years ago I decided to just run with it. Run with what you ask. Well after some of personal observations about my life from a group of people who's collective knowledge on life wouldn't fill the mantle of a single wide trailer. I decided to just go with it... ..Turns out going with it ended up being a pretty good idea.

So what will the format be as the year moves forward. I still can't decide. Keep the irreverent and slightly pornographic images flowing or maybe I will write about my travels. Food recipes or document the the movement of white trash into the south side. Maybe a hard hitting look at what the term " free lifetime tune " really means. Maybe I will train for the Ironman with Lance.

My guess is I won't change anything because I am an American and we don't like change. So here comes another year. Hold on to your hats and glasses cause this is gonna be a wild ride. I promise.

Spoiler alert that Fish ain't gonna make it !