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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You want me to wear what ?

I never joined a fraternity in college. I was never on a girls soccer team and I still don't know what a free mason does. But I am sure there is some level of hazing to the new members in each of these organizations.

The 2ND Team Redlands clothing order has been distributed. I was looking forward to seeing some of the new guys out in the team kits. Big E, Fly Boy and Joey Tatto. What, there is a sizing problem ?

When I ordered I just blindly went with the Large kit because I am 6-1 and 175 pounds. In most American apparel I believe a Large would be in order. Since receiving my kit last year I have developed a eating disorder and am suffering from body dis morphia.

I recently contacted the clothing division of the Castelli cycling company. What I found was that the entire Team Redlands line of wear was in fact Euro junior sizing.

The error had occurred at the distribution point and in fact I should not have been able to fit into a large unless I was shopping from the Tyler Hamilton Keebler collection. Was this an error or was someone trying to weed out the fatties ?

So here's the deal unless you are prepared to drink laxatives and horse fizzy you need to go Oprah. Spanx once a secret of Hollywood's elite are now an option for the active male. Many Belgium cyclists are wearing Spanx and don't look now but I am aware of no less than 3 gentleman on the Saturday ride going Spanx.

Good luck Fly boy and Big E , hope to see you in your kit soon. When the lady at the Nordstroms counter asks you for help , just mention you want the "contador" .

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