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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Reward for Information

I was at the Loma Linda Post office last Sunday, when I saw the above picture and the caption. Missing local cyclist. last seen on Barton road heading west.

Well, good news Abel has not been abducted, he has relocated to the Chinchilla area to join the family business and work on his golf game.

Abel was a regular on all the teams and team rides. He rolled raincross, Tuesday nights and crit. The triple crown to those of us in the know. Abel has since confided in me that he was never a cyclist but took up the sport to get in with the higher ups in the Allied Health department. I did the same thing to meet chicks.. It was just a fluke that he climbed the local cycling scene so quickly he said.

Abel said he had pretty much accomplished all he could here in the 909 and it was time to move on. His highlights here included having a baby, marrying one of the better looking cyclists wives, attending Camp Chopper, owning the bitches on the Haystack ride and of course being involved in Crit Riot. Yep Abel left a big mark here in the 909.

On behalf of the Team Redlands unofficial blog we all want to wish Abel and his family good luck on their new journey and his new hobby. We look forward to some pictures from the Golf Haystack foursome. Hit em straight !

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